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Free tutoring can be great, but the downside to "free" is that the volunteer tutors may not get around to answering your questions, or they may not answer quickly. Paid tutoring at least guarantees some sort of reply. Purplemath's creator, Elizabeth Stapel, offers e-mail tutoring. (Note: There may be tutors in your area who will meet with you face-to-face. This is usually a better option than e-mail.)

Online (via e-mail):
If you would like online (that is, e-mail-based) algebra tutoring from
the author of Purplemath, please use the PayPal button below to pay for hourly help. Tutoring rates are sixteen dollars per hour; click and pre-pay for at least one hour of assistance (that is, pre-pay at least US$16).

(For tutoring on topics other than algebra, please first enquire regarding availability.)

Once you have directed your funds to the above PayPal account, please submit your questions. When your payment has been received, work will begin on your submission. You may continue to send questions until your pre-paid time is used up. You will be notified when you get close to the time limit, so you will have the option of forwarding further funds to the account. Service will be tracked in five-minute increments.

Please note that I do not, as a rule, "do homework". That is, if you are looking for a service that will type up your homework for you to hand in, you're at the wrong place. I explain concepts, show how to set up a problem, give hints, and try to get you started. If your text does not include the answers, I may give these answers, so you can check your work. But do not expect a reply that can be copied into longhand and then handed in to your teacher as your own work. Tutoring replies are supplied "as is", with no grade guarantees.

While the Internet is fast, it is not instantaneous. If you need answers inside an hour or two, this may not be the way to get those answers, especially if you do not already have a PayPal account established. (It usually takes two to three business days to set up an account.) Please note that I sleep at night, etc, so I am not always able to give quick replies, though responses will usually be within twenty-four hours.

It is highly recommended that, when you post your questions to me, you include the area of study (algebra? trigonometry?), the topic of study (finding the vertex? using the Quadratic Formula?), and any specific instructions. Different books and different teachers do things in different ways, so you will need to provide full disclosure if my replies are to have a reasonable chance of being applicable to your particular situation.

In person:
Due to time constraints and other limitations, I am no longer accepting appointments for face-to-face tutoring. Instead, please use
this service to locate tutors in your area.

Online (free forums):
If you are looking for
free tutoring from Purplemath (though not necessarily provided by Elizabeth Stapel), please consider the free-access Learning Forums.



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