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The reviews below refer to free (or free-to-try) off-site tutoring and instructional resources. To access the Purplemath lessons and tutoring forums, please use the links to the right. For paid in-home tutoring, please try here. This site has lessons on basic algebra topics and techniques, study tips, calculator advice, worksheets, and more. In contrast to the YouTube norm, this tutoring crew directed their algebra instructor through multiple "takes" to ensure clarity; the videos are generally short, to the point, and error-free.

Brightstorm: This video compendium offers videos on many topics, such as chemistry, calculus, and ACT test-prep. In particular, you will find a large collection of algebra lessons.

CliffsNotes: This recognized name in helpful supplementary resources has added online lessons to its print offerings. There are loads of math lessons, including many for algebra.

Dan's Math@Home Lessons: These lessons range from algebra to calculus and beyond, and are heavy on worked examples that illustrate the "basics".

DAU's Math Modules: This school has a lengthy list of algebra lessons. You can follow their lesson map, or else find what you want in their index.

Exercises in Math Readiness: EMR has lessons, examples, and short quizzes (complete with hints and solutions). They cover only a few topics, but the coverage is excellent, and extends from algebra to trigonometry and set theory.

FreeMathHelp: FreeMathHelp has some lessons covering various topics from algebra to calculus, a worksheet generator, and a message board which offers free tutoring. Registration for the tutoring forum is required, but is free and fast. Questions are usually answered within a day. For math formatting advice, follow the links in the "Forum Help" pull-down menu at the top of every forum page.

Joseph Coffman's Lecture Notes: Mr. Coffman's lectures cover a lot of material and include many worked examples. The notes center on algebra, but also include a little statistics (box-and-whisker plots, for example) and trigonometry. Each lesson is linked to the related Glencoe online learning resource.

Karl's Notes on Email: You may have noticed that it's hard to write out math problems when all you have is your e-mailer to work with. Because of this, math people have developed commonly accepted ways of formatting math for the purposes of e-mail and newsgroups, some of which has been adopted into (or from) the syntax used by graphing calculators. Karl's Notes are an excellent overview of this formatting.

Khan Academy: If you're tired of doing searches trying to find algebra videos on various different topics, you can now start with an extensive listing in one place. Salman Khan has loads of videos teaching algebra and other topics.

MathCelebrity: Don Sevcik has created an extensive set of online step-by-step solvers. If you find it helpful to see the steps, so you can learn how to do the rest of the exercises for yourself, these javascript solvers might be just the thing. (No installation or plug-ins required.)

Mathnerds: Once you've registered (membership is free), log in to this tutoring site. Then pick the category that most closely matches what you are studying and submit your question. It will be assigned to a qualified tutor. Questions are answered by pre-qualified tutors, usually within a day or two. Valid e-mail address required.

MathOps: This site is meant for teachers and classrooms, but there is loads of great free material, too. From the home page, click the link for "Free Lessons". (To return to their home page, you'll need to use your browser's "Back" button, or scroll down to the bottom for a link.)

Maths Is Fun: If you'd like extra practice or instruction on pre-algebra or early-algebra topics, Maths Is Fun is a great resource. The site also has worksheets, a tutoring forum, puzzles, and teaching games.

One Mathematical Cat: Professor Fisher has created entire textbooks and posted them online. The algebra text includes "Web Exercises" which you can use for practice. (Be sure to read their instructions.)

Open Algebra: Professor John Redden has taken his lessons and handouts for his college algebra courses and put them online. His lessons contain loads of worked examples.

OpenStudy: This free "groups" site offers an interface for posting (and answering) questions in math and other topics.

Paul's Online Math Notes: Paul Dawkins of Lamar University has compiled some very nice lessons, reviews, and cheat-sheets for his college students, and has made his materials available to the rest of us, too. His site covers algebra through differential equations. The lessons are very thorough, with lots of worked examples, sensible advice regarding common mistakes, and helpful previews of what to expect in later courses.

Professor Kuniyuki's Precalculus Notes: Professor Kuniyuki's advanced algebra notes are keyed to a particular textbook, but, being listed by topic, anybody can use them. His lessons are in PDF form and tend to be somewhat technical (textbook-ish), but the advice and warnings they contain are very good.

Professor Symancyk's algebra lessons: Professor Symancyk has written some great lessons, which include illustrations and worked examples. Pick your topic from his menu. (Note: His e-mail is for his Maryland [USA] students only.)

Regents Prep: The Oswego City School District provides many lessons covering different topics for many grade-levels. Of interest to the algebra student are the lessons designed for the Regents Prep exam, many of which contain instructions related to graphing calculators. Scroll down on the "Math A" and "Math B" pages to view each index of lessons.

Stan Brown's Math and Calculator articles: Professor Brown has created a nice collection of tutorials covering many common tasks, and some not-so-common ones, for classes from algebra through calculus and statistics. Includes programs you can download and install, step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and a conversational tone.

University of Arizona Software: This software contains self-testing quizzes, but the "Help" contains good lessons. The programs are DOS-based, but VERY user-friendly. Scroll down the page to "Are You Ready?", and choose your level.

Understanding Algebra: James Brennan has put his algebra book online. This online text covers many standard algebra topics, complete with worked examples.

WTAMU Virtual Math Lab: The West Texas A&M University's Virtual Math Lab has a lengthy list of tutorials, covering topics throughout algebra. Each lesson includes useful terminology, worked examples, and links to other sites.

WyzAnt: This online tutoring service also offers a long list of math lessons, including algebra and pre-calculus.

xyAlgebra: If you are having trouble with beginning algebra, especially word problems, this free package may be just the thing. The software shows all of the steps and reasoning for doing basic algebra problems, and allows the student to work through exercises, providing lessons on necessary background topics, as needed.

If you think your site should be listed here, please submit the URL, explaining how you think your free lessons or free tutoring services would aid algebra students. Listings are added at the webmistress' discretion; listings for "calculators" and "graphers" are no longer accepted. Sorry.


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