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Comments About Purplemath

"You are a saint and scholar; there is a place set for you in Math heaven." B.W.

"Your site and lessons have given me an understanding of mathematics I have never had before." D.J.S.

"The explanations are really clear and the use of the colour is really helpful." P.

"You explain the lessons in such an easy and friendly way that any student can understand with no trouble!" A.L.

"I spent hours trying to figure my homework out, and five minutes here fixed all my issues." J.H.

"You explain things so much more clearly than my text book!" C.Q.

"Got the summer math packet blues? Try some Purplemath!" R.Z. Tutoring

"I can find almost anything I need on this site and LOVE that your explanations are so clear and thorough!" A.J.H.

"Your website is awesome, better than ANY textbook! You have cleared the fog for me many times!" B.H.

"I was always able to do the math but never understood why. Your beautifully written explanations have opened my eyes.  I've always had to know why something is the way it is, and you explain things so well. I'll never forget the moment things fell into place." M.G.

"I finally am understanding math for the first time." H.B.

"Thank you for your article on proof by induction. The first paragraph was identical to the situation I was in before I read it. Your article made perfect sense!" J.B.

"What makes this website very good is its simplicity and illustrations to explain concepts." P.B.

"A truly professional site with first class commentary." B.K.

"I really must congratulate you on a splendid teaching site. Your method of explanation is so clear and unambiguous. Wonderful resource." R.E.

"Your explanations are clear, well explained and the examples are either illustrated or shown step by step in simple format. My children often say, 'This is way better than what the teacher explained!'" A.M.

"Thank you, oh awesome mathematicion Master! I get it!!" J.J.

"When I read your section on Placement Testing I honestly felt this huge weight lifted off my chest. I can't thank you enough for writing that." S.-J.F.

"5 lectures, a math book worth more than my boots, weeks of stress: no success. An hour with your website: actual understanding. Thanks!" N.B.V.

"At first I thought was really basic because of its decor and formatting, but after acing College Algebra, I stand corrected!" S.N.

"I use the Purplemath site extensively and admire its practical, direct and comprehensive dissection of mathematical techniques." J.R.P.

"If my teacher doesn't explain it right, I come on here and every time I find out exactly what I need to know." C.H.

"Whoever you are, you are awesome! This site is great!" C.B.

"I love the explanations because they make everything, even the complicated topics, seem intuitive." F.B.

"The article on rational expressions is fantastic! It's very funny too. I loved and the whole 'oozing, flopping' thing. It made rational expressions seem much simpler than I previously thought." L.F.

"I Love You Purple Math! You are so easy to understand, not intimidating, I love your humor, and when you say...'that's all there is to it' I am in heaven!" C.B.

"I love you. Thanks for being there, man. It really helps." T.R.

"I find Purplemath to be a brilliant combination of thoroughness and clarity." M.K.

"I love your funny little imaginary descriptions about cutting off the legs and arms of polynomials! They make me giggle and relax a little while I'm learning." A.R.

"I've felt completely overwhelmed until my chemistry instructor told me about your website. This was the exact refresher I needed. I'm starting to feel smart again." R.S.

"Your site absolutely improved my mood today." L.E.M.

"I gave up on math in sixth grade. Numbers inspired such fear and loathing. Suddenly I am one of the nation's many laid-off, mid-life students, and I was told I need math skills to succeed in today's job market. I'd struggled in class with every new concept for a month. I reached out to the internet and found Purplemath. A number of times now you have turned sinking confusion into an 'a-ha!' moment for me." L.E.

"All too often writers don't do a good job of sticking to the point. Your lessons in Purple Math are crisp and direct. They've proven invaluable."   R.W.

"I am a 47 years old female emigrant. I consider math a difficult subject. When I am having a difficult time purplemath is my salvation and keep me enjoying the subject." T.P.V.

"Your site is more helpful than my text, or any of the learning resources I've come across so far." J.B.

"This website explains everything really well and makes me feel a lot more calm and confident." H.M.

"Our professor is rushing through the subject and the textbook assigned to us is very vague, so if it wasn't for your site I would be hating life." S.Z.

"I have literally been sitting in my algebra class and crying because I don't understand and everyone else does and the professor can't (or won't) take the time to help me individually. Your website has helped me more than any other website and is *exponentially* better than my textbook." L.J.C.

"I will never understand why professors can not, or will not, speak, teach, and write textbooks in ways that students can readily understand. Your website fixes this." C.K.

"Thanks so much for taking the time and making the effort to help the mathematically challenged." D.S.

"I am blind. I am particularly pleased with the way you use alt text on your graphs. Blind students should be able to follow your lessons nicely." B.D.

"I have so much more confidence in my ability to learn algebra after finding your website." J.K.

"I've learned in twenty minutes what I've spent days trying to understand with my textbook! You've made math fun again!" D.T.McC.

"This site does exactly what it says: helps people like me become more confident in math." S.R.

"I have been searching everywhere for an explanation of asymptotes that I can understand!  Your website is AWESOME!" A.W.

"What it takes me the entire hour and a half of class to try to figure out, I can learn it on this website in 10 minutes." Y.A.

"I loved your rant on using graphing to solve quadratics." F.S.

"I was struggling for hours tonight trying to understand slope intercept and your site helped me in 5 minutes!" C.S.

"Math teachers forget that we are in their class because we don't already know how to do this stuff. Your website has helped me out of many bleak situations." K.E.

Thanks to all who have contacted Purplemath over the years to share the news of their successes!

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