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Statistics for Purplemath September 2010

Time range: Wed, Sep-01-2010 0:00:00 AM - Thu, Sep-30-2010 23:59:59 PM


graph showing Visits to Purplemath in September of 2010


General Statistics

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 Average Hits per Day 


 Average Hits per Visit 


 Page Views
 Total Page Views 


 Average Page Views per Day 


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 Unique Page Views 


 Total Visits 


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 Spider Visits


 Average Visits per Day 


 Total Unique Visitors 


 Total Visitor Stay Length 


 Average Visitor Stay Length 


 Total Bandwidth 

 179.97 GB 

 Normal Bandwidth 

 177.00 GB 

 Spider Bandwidth 

 2.66 GB 

 Average Bandwidth per Day 

 6.00 GB

 Average Bandwidth per Hit 

 5.10 KB 

 Average Bandwidth per Visit 

 67.52 KB 



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