TI Nspire Calculator Solution Display Question

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TI Nspire Calculator Solution Display Question

Postby Computer_Science_Guy » Fri Mar 11, 2016 9:39 pm

Hello, this is my first post here. My name is Phil, and I am a computer science major, currently in my second year of college. I am currently taking pre-calculus online. My question for this post pertains to the format in which my TI n-spire CX CAS graphing calculator is displaying some solutions. Namely, when I go in to find the zeros of a 2nd degree polynomial ex. (x^2 +4x -6), the results that are displayed are of course correct, but they are in a format which does not make my online pre-calculus course happy. For example, the correct solutions for the zeros of the above polynomial are -2 + sqrt(10), -2 - sqrt(10). The graphing calculator insists on giving the answer in the form sqrt(10) - 2, -(sqrt(10) + 2).

The two solutions sets have the same value of course, but for some reason the TI n-spire insists upon putting the radical number first in the solutions, as apposed to putting the rational number first. My online course will not accept the answers in the form that the calculator gives them to me. In the example solution that I gave above I would have to move the number 2 to the left side of the radical. In the solution with parenthesis I would have to distribute the negative sign across the solution, and then move the number 2 to the left side of the radical.

When I work the problem out on a scientific calculator I don't run into this problem. I am just curious if anyone knows if there is a setting buried in the TI n-spire which will allow me to have the solutions for the zeros of the polynomial displayed in the format in which my homework wants them. It really isn't a big deal, as I can simply make the necessary modifications to the solutions manually, as I have been doing, or I can simply do the work by hand. I am more curious about finding out why the graphing calculator displays the solutions this way more than anything. I hope that I explained this in a clear manner, and I would love to here from someone who may have some knowledge on this... Thank you.

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Re: TI Nspire Calculator Solution Display Question

Postby maggiemagnet » Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:24 pm

I would have thought that your question would be a common one because most schools (so most software that they're using) use the regular format of "(the number) plus or minus (the radical)". But I can't find anything online about changing the format of the display. Sorry. :oops:

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