[SPLIT] find equation of circle with given diameter endpts

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[SPLIT] find equation of circle with given diameter endpts

Postby orlando93bloom » Mon May 04, 2009 10:55 pm

how do i do this

write an equation of each circle that has a diameter with the given endpoints

1.(-2,0)and (2,0)
Thanks :)

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Postby stapel_eliz » Tue May 05, 2009 12:02 am

The center (h, k) is at the midpoint of the diameter. The length of the radius "r" is the distance between the center and an endpoint of the diameter. :wink:

Once you have computed the value of "r" and the location of (h, k), plug these into the circle equation, (x - h)2 + (y - k)2 = r2.

If you get stuck, please reply showing how far you have gotten. Thank you! :D

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