Properties of real numbers

Quadratic equations and inequalities, variation equations, function notation, systems of equations, etc.
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Properties of real numbers

Postby moodie1 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:30 pm

I'm really having a hard time with my Intermediate Algebra class online!! I'm not good at math, never have been. This is now the second time of taking this class, since the first time around I bombed!! If I don't pass this term; Then I don't graduate with my degree!! And at 44 years of age, time is of the essence!! Please HELP ME OUT!!!

Here's the problem:

Name the property that justifies this statement. All variables represent real numbers.

y . 1/y = 1

Thank You!!!

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Postby stapel_eliz » Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:52 am

To learn the various number properties (and thus to identify this one), please try here. :wink:

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