Are you seeking help?

Rules for posting and helping, along with guides for formatting and explanations of what to expect. Post "test" messages here.
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Are you seeking help?

Postby PM_Admin » Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:42 pm

The goal of these forums is to help you learn and grow. To assist in this process, please review the following:
  • Post the exercise. Include the full and exact text of the exercise, the complete instructions, a detailed description of (or link to) any required graphic, and any contextual information that you think might be helpful. For instance, if you "have" to use a certain formula for a given exercise, include the formula and the definitions of its variables.
  • Post your question. The exercise is the book's question. What is yours? To explain this, tell what you have tried, show how far you got, and state clearly where you are stuck.
  • Speak clearly. Use standard web-safe textual formatting, or in some other manner clearly state what you mean. Kindly avoid "chat-speak". And please use the "Preview" button to ensure that what you have posted was what you actually meant to say.
  • Don't interrupt. Resurrecting an old thread or tacking your question onto the end of some other student's current thread is, in effect, interrupting another conversation. At best, this only confuses the helpers. Please be considerate of your fellow learners.
  • Label intelligently. A subject line of "need math help" does not express much, and is easily passed over in favor of posts with titles such as "solving quadratics by 2 methods: answers not matching". And post to an appropriate category. For instance, do not post a "find the minimum value" question to the "Calculus" category when you're actually back in algebra.
  • Post honorably. Posting your complete assignment, your summer study-pack, a take-home quiz, the contest questions for a summer program, or other illegitimate uses of this service may result in banning. Members found to be posting Neopets' "Lenny Conundrum" weekly contest puzzles will be banned immediately.
  • Be considerate. Don't post a flood of exercises, especially with no work shown. (Such posts may be trimmed or deleted.) Regardless of your frustration level, kindly do not "vent" at the volunteers who have stopped by to help you. The only "pay" they get is your appreciation and growth.
  • Have reasonable expectations. If you have shown no progress or effort, the helpers may not, either. If you say that you "have no clue even how to start on this", you should expect to receive lesson links in reply, since your first task is to learn the missing material.
  • Be patient. There is no paid staff waiting on-hand to provide immediate replies. If you need that, pay a service which offers such. Posters should expect to wait hours, if not days, for a reply. (Posts filled with "ASAP" and "NOW" may be trimmed or deleted.)
In addition, please note that asking conceptual questions is a great idea! For instance, your book might mention that the Distance Formula is related to the Pythagorean Theorem, but provides no explanation. Don't feel limited to merely what is in your textbook. If you're curious, please ask!

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